Ferguson Advisors provides its clients with a range of specialised wealth creation and management services that are designed to help our clients sustainably grow and manage their wealth. A key focus in these services is our offer on risk profiling, which ensures that our clients make informed investment decisions based on their risk profile.


Risk profiling lets our advisers determine the best levels of risk for you when planning or managing your investments. We do this by looking closely at three related factors, namely your risk required, your capacity for risk, and your risk tolerance.


To determine your required risk, we first take a look at your investment goals, that is to say, your desired return in particular. This allows us to determine the levels of risk you will need to undertake to achieve your investment goals


Once your risk required has been determined, we look at your capacity for it to see how viably you can reach your desired returns. We determine your risk capacity by inspecting the types of losses that you can afford to withstand to achieve your investment goals.


Aside from the risk you can afford, we take a close look at your personal risk tolerance, that is to say, the risks that you are comfortable taking to reach your investment goals, regardless of how much more you can afford.


Ferguson Advisors pools together the expertise of a dynamic range of passionate financial professionals to cover the full scope of investment and wealth management services.

Each member of our team provides services and advice that come from a background of extensive experience in fund management and planning for individual investors as well as corporations.

This has positioned us ideally as a preferred financial partner for investors of all types, whether they are seeking to grow their wealth through comprehensive portfolio management or are looking to keep their loved-ones and legacies protected with estate and will planning.


If you would like to know more about our comprehensive risk profiling services, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Ferguson Advisors today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for details about our complete list of wealth management services.

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